Simple and Effective A/B Testing at your fingertips!

The best way to increase sales. Learn what really makes your customers convert. By A/B testing changes to your Shopify store, you can transform their experience and boost your conversion rate.

The Power of A/B Testing!

E-commerce has revolutionized our lives, transforming how we shop and connect with businesses. To thrive in this competitive landscape, it's crucial to enhance your online presence and boost sales. Enter A/B testing!

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Theme Scientist Features

Unleashing the Potential of A/b Testing

A/B testing empowers you to compare two versions of a theme or product to determine the champion performer. By showcasing variants A and B, you unlock valuable insights to skyrocket your conversions, average order value(AOV), and sales.

A/b Testing Themes

Unlock the potential of your Shopify store with easy-to-use A/B testing, where you can continually experiment with different elements in your theme and watch your conversion rates soar. Don't leave the success of your online store to chance. By using A/B testing on your Shopify theme, you can gain valuable insights into what resonates with your audience, leading to improved conversion rates over time.

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A/B Testing Products

Setting up product A/B tests is a breeze! You can easily tweak titles, descriptions, image order, and more to fine-tune your product's performance. Take advantage of these versatile options to optimize your testing process and enhance your product's performance.

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Theme Scheduler

Planning a Black Friday sale? Require a specific theme? Schedule it in advance!

Harness the power of our Theme Scheduler to proactively plan your promotions. Whether you require a specific theme for an upcoming event or campaign, our scheduler allows you to effortlessly schedule and apply it in advance, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing experience for your customers.

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A VS. B Phone

Data-Driven Decisions

Unlock Success. Say goodbye to guesswork and assumptions! A/B testing provides concrete evidence on what truly works. Harness this power to optimize your store, elevate the user experience, and drive more conversions. Let data pave the way to success!

A Vs. B Paper


Captivate Your Audience. Every customer is unique, and A/B testing allows you to create tailor-made experiences. Craft different versions of your theme or products to cater to diverse customer segments. Watch engagement soar as you deliver a more engaging, relevant, and personalized user journey.

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Maximize Your Resources. A/B testing is a cost-effective strategy that yields impressive results. By testing small variations and making data-driven decisions, you save valuable time, resources, and money. Unlock the potential of your store without breaking the bank!

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Continuous Improvement

Stay Ahead of the Curve. With A/B testing, the journey to greatness never ends. Each test's insights pave the path for future optimizations, ensuring a constantly improving user experience. Stay ahead of the competition and thrill customers with your continuous enhancements.

Why A/B Testing is Your Secret Weapon?

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Why Choose Us

At Theme Scientist, our purpose is to empower businesses to make data-driven decisions and thrive in the digital landscape. We are committed to providing cutting-edge A/B testing tools that enable our clients to optimize their digital assets, boost conversions, and deliver exceptional user experiences. By simplifying the complexity of experimentation and analysis, we help businesses unlock their full potential, one test at a time.

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Don't just take our word for it

Don't let the lack of reviews for Theme Scientist scare you away. We actually tried them all, and were ready to give up when we took a shot on TS with no reviews. Wow, intuitive, exactly the type of tests we were looking for, and unlike some of the others, it never broke themes while testing. We are actually in the ABT mode (Always Be Testing) now for life now, and this App has already given us the insights to double, yes double our conversion rates in 3 months. Word of wisdom, small tests, and keep variables isolated, so you know what is moving the needle.

Rings By Lux

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This app is easily one of our favorites and most used tools. We've used it to test multiple growth ideas and increase our revenue by over $50k a year so far. Developers are responsive, kind and very helpful.

Ministry of Scent

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Great app! Our team has been using this app for over a year to run A/B tests on products and website features - always testing something. We use a set it and forget it style: create a test, wait a few weeks or so, analyze the results, then start another test. The best for us has been testing product prices. Finding a better product price is golden!

Tree Tribe

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This is a beautiful app! Don't let the currently small number of reviews turn you off. It's ease of use, simplicity, and effectiveness are top notch. It works like an absolute charm. And apparently - the dev crew is fantastic also, that's why I'm writing this review, I casually mentioned a feature I thought would be good, and wouldn't ya just know it, they said they will add it in - and quite soon even. Yea, for AB testing, it's rad. Theme testing and product testing with price testing also. It's legit awesome.

Spirit Magicka

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A scientist reviewing the results of AB Testing.
Questions And Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is available to answer your questions via live chat or email.

Questions And Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is available to answer your questions via live chat or email.

1. How to chose the right plan?

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Our plans are based on the number of orders your Shopify Store gets over a 30-day period. All plans include a 14 day free trial.

2. Do you offer a Free trial?

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Absolutely! We offer a 14-day free trial. Get the app, run a test and see immediate results.

3. Why choose Theme Scientist over other A/B Apps?

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We believe A/B testing should be simple, but powerful. So we designed an app that everyone can use. Within seconds you can start a test that will allow you to take the results and make data driven decisions for your business. Our mission is to be the catalyst for smarter, more successful, and customer-centric digital strategies, driving growth and innovation for our valued partners.

4. Does Theme Scientist use split testing?

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Some A/B testing apps use spilt testing, but Theme Scientist does not. 100% of the traffic goes to Theme A and then 100% of the website traffic goes to Theme B at the designated time interval. We believe spilt testing doesn’t give the most accurate results so that is why we don't do it.

4. How can I get in touch with theme Scientist?

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You can email us at Or contact us via live chat!